Medical Apps Explained for 2018

Medicine and health are two of the most interesting subjects on offer to us today as the human body fascinates us more than anything else as it is one of the most complex organisms on our planet today. For those of you who are into this type of subject you will find that there are now a wide variety of Medical Apps on offer to you with each of them providing you with highly detailed information on the human body and the medical terms associated with it.

These medical apps provide every thing you could wish for in learning about the human body as well as offering you the facilities to search for certain conditions and diseases easily. We have been hard at it reviewing as many of these apps as we could so we could tell you which the best of the bunch are so you can get the most enjoyment from the apps.

Below we have listed the top three apps we feel deserve to be on our list in the hope that you will be able to use them for all your medical needs. The first medical app that caught our attention is the Medscape Medical App which has received more than half a million downloads since it was first released a few months back. The app provides one of the most detailed drug reference features available anywhere which allows you to search for many different types of drugs and medicine and then provides you with a full breakdown of what they are used for, side effects and symptoms which can be very useful for many people.

This medical app also allows you to search for many medical conditions and again provides you with some of the most extensive detail on the conditions we have ever seen in a mobile app. One of the most enticing aspects of this app is that it does not require a 3G or wireless connection to work fully as it has all the information stored within its memory bank and only updates when there is a connection available for it to do so. This is great for those of you who find it hard to always have an internet connection at hand.

Another great medical app is the MicroMedex App which again provides you with all the information you could wish for regarding the human body and the conditions and treatments associated to it. The app offers thousands of medical journals and dissertations as well as enabling the user to do a detailed search of any conditions they are wishing to learn about and the medicine required to treat them. We found this app very easy to use and highly informative to say the least and out of all we reviewed we found this to be one of the best without doubt. This App is now retired, however more literature can be found online for the new version.

The final app we just had to include as it was so good is the AHRW ePSS App which has received many great reviews from users all over the world. The app features all of the expected features of an app of this type plus much more such as detailed images of medical conditions and many different write ups on conditions from leading medical researchers. This app is littered with medical information that is extremely useful and eliminates the need for long internet searches to find the information you are looking for.

The console is very simple to use even for a novice user and can be picked up in minutes and the app itself runs very smoothly even when doing the most detailed search. We really do feel these three apps will provide you with the best facilities you could ask for from this genre and this is why we feel you should take the time to check them out.

Written by James