The portable technology devices are taking a wide spectrum of Industries by storm, so we thought we would conduct our own Mobile Tech Review for 2015 and beyond.

The types of devices that Mobile Tech covers includes the following devices, these are a small example of the technology itself, and serves just as a guide:



Smart phone

Global Positioning System ( GPS and GPRS)


Handheld devices

Payment gateways such as Wireless enabled “Pay Points”

The mobile device is just a small element of this diverse  ever changing sector, as without Technology Advancement and research and development projects, we wouldn’t be able to move forward as quickly as we have over the past few decades, with Microsoft, Google and Apple as good examples of leaders in this ever changing market place.

Technology Valley – Where to next?

Silicon Valley has and remains to be the Technology Hub of the world, offering the world entrepreneurs, technologists and new tech start ups. Around the world other countries have mirrored the ecosystem that has been created in San Francisco, with a view to starting from scratch a commercial hub of excellence. The principle of success is to ensure that the hubs become self sustainable as well as attracting growth on a constant basis, for example, as one organisation succeeds, another also benefits from the success. Adding additional element such as “Mobile Technology” ensures a wide growth factor, covering new organisations as well as existing ones.

In the United Kingdom, a new Tech hub named Silicon Roundabout has been pushed through by the government, with a view to doing exactly as I have described above. In Germany, there is Silicon Allee and in Scotland, which is now pretty much separate from the UK, they have Silicon Glen. Not forgetting Silicon Alley which resides in good old New York in America. All of these “Silicon” business development hubs, are aligning themselves with Silicon Valley, due to huge success which is associated with the San Francisco one.

Organisations such as Mobile Facebook, Google Mobile, Dropbox, Pinterest, Ebay, Cisco, Intel, IBM and the Oracle Mobile Cloud, are probably the most financially successful companies from Silicon Valley, these brands are also very well known throughout the world. It is therefore an attractive business model to duplicate for other countries around the world, hence the arrival of the aforementioned Silicon alternatives. These brands have also “Embraced Mobile Tech” inline with the consumer demand, as with most new and evolving technologies, moving with the customer demand and not conflicting to change, is a key ingredient in ensuring company success.

There have been some fantastic success stories for some Mobile Related organisations, we have added some of the corporate logos below:

Mobile Apple Website Chomp Mobile Casino Google New Mobile Logo

Businesses starting up in 2015 and beyond, can now benefit from most of the organisations that have “Network” and “Mobile capabilities” such as Facebook, Google etc, as well as the new organisations such as Airbnb and Pinterest. There are other organisations that in the past few years have revolutionised the way we do things, such as Uber, which was and is a simplistic alternative to an existing service, however more convenient and cheaper. There was never an identified need to Uber, It evolved into an alternative solution in basic terms, which within the Tech field is an impressive success for the team at Uber, especially around the world.

The advancement of mobile devices using technologies that have existing networking capabilities is developing extremely fast, with bigger screens, larger memory and of course more diverse capabilities.  Listed below are some of the types of “Networking Elements required for Mobile

Examples – WIFI, 3G, 4G, GPS, Bluetooth, Dial UP, Virtual Private Networks

The impact that “Mobile Access” has made, covering all sectors is astounding, and is growing inline with the end users requirements, detailing these requirements is almost impossible, as society, emotion, relationships, culture all play a part in the “Real Life Evolution” of this Inter personal advancement in Technology.

More interesting resources can be found on the Innovate UK website here.

Written by James