Some of the Greatest uses for mobile devices and phones.

The mobile app industry has become one of the worlds most fast growing and profitable entities and within this we have seen many new trends emerge offering a wide variety of uses for these innovative creations. There are many uses for these devices with one of the most used and popular being the location based services such as GPS navigation and so on.

One of the leading providers of these services which of course is Gartner has openly stated that it expects a huge increase in the number of people using these facilities. The Gartner Research Resources are predicting that by the end of 2014 there will be over 1.4 billion users taking advantage of this service on their mobile devices instead of opting to purchase the more traditional satellite navigation systems we have been used to over the past decade. What mobile devices provide which the more traditional systems cannot is the ability to search for specific services via their devices and then obtain direction to them seamlessly. This is very desirable as it eliminates the need to know the address and so on of services you are looking for such as garages and shop as you can now search for them and then receive immediate direction to them.

Obviously one of the most popular trends for mobile devices is the huge amount of social networking facilities which are on offer to us all such as Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Google Mobile and many others. What we predict for the future of these services is that they will be driven towards providing their users with many new services which are partnered with many third parties using open APIs. These applications continue to develop more each day and offer so many more services than ever before and provide the perfect platform for consumer advertising which in itself can generate billions of pounds worth of revenue for the leading providers of the service.

Another division of services offered on mobile devices is the ability to now search for anything you wish for by simply using the browser incorporated into your mobile device. This also allows for users to access a wide variety of data which can include shop prices, ticket prices or hotel prices as well as the ability to buy and reserve all of these services with the simple click of a button. The ability to pay all your bills via your mobile device is also one of the hottest trends of the moment which is said to be one of the innovations that is set to become a huge part of every day life.

No longer will the average person be constrained to sending back payment slips and direct debit requests via the traditional methods as all of these features can now be completed by setting up payment options on your device. Of course security is an issue that everyone is aware of but with the emergence of some of the most sophisticated security systems ever seen it is only a matter of time before this facility becomes main stream for all users. The ability to do away with the more traditional text messaging features of mobile devices is a trend that is set to take over the industry as with the implementation of the all new instant messaging systems we now see in phones could change the way we communicate forever.

This is incredibly beneficial for those of us who currently pay large amounts of fees for mobile phone contracts as with the facility to send these messages free of charge via instant messaging applications as well as many of the leading social networking websites will eliminate the need to pay for these services.

Another very beneficial feature which is without a doubt one of the most useful we find in mobile devices is the ability to access all of your email accounts via you devices. No longer do users need to carry around laptops and so on and look for wireless networks to access their emails as this can now be done by simply accessing them through your devices email service.

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Written by James