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The mobile games industry is now one of the worlds most popular and profitable entities and each year generates millions and millions of pounds worth of revenue. As this exciting and highly entertaining industry is worth so much revenue each year the security that protects these games is highly important and an essential part of the running of these games.

Many people still fear that these games are not secure enough for them to put their credit card or financial details into but in this day in age this could not be further from the truth. As the industry is such a big business right now gaming vendors spend on obscene amount of money ensuring that you the gamer and your details are as secure as possible and these systems that are in place are constantly tested to ensure this. The NSA in America launched a mobile security based game, with a view to educating people regarding mobile security, more details on this can be located on the Crypto Mobile App Game website.

If we look at it realistically we can understand that the vendors of these games would not wish in any way to lose custom as you the customer are the bread and butter for them so ensuring you are safe in paramount. We reviewed one provider of mobile casino games, namely Roxy Palace, who are new to the mobile games scene. The level of security for them was very impressive, with a wide spectrum of security measures safe guarding there mobile game customers.

If any of these game vendors failed to use this philosophy then the after effects could cost them a huge amount of custom and of course a large proportion of their profits. There are many companies that develop security software for these games and each of them offers a variation of the type of security that is available.

Some game developers now find it increasingly hard if not impossible to break these security systems and they are now more secure than ever which is great to hear if you are a mobile gamer. Many mobile devices now and apps that go with them feature many state of the art security systems that not only work on their own but also in tandem with your mobile devices security software. The main threat from security intrusions whilst using mobile devices is that your personal details can become obtainable to those wishing to gain access to them and in the early days this was not as difficult as it is today with the new systems that are in place. A good provider of Mobile Security is McAfee, who offer the latest protection for mobile phone and tablet users, more details can be found on the Official McAfee Mobile Security page.

One of the main issues right now with security is the fact that if you have any of these apps installed on your phone and you indeed lose your phone that the person who found it could quite easily use the phone to gamble away your money or in the worst case gain access to your card details and financial information. To counter this many of the apps that are used for mobile gaming now require the owner to enter some type of pin or security answer before being allowed to access the account. This has once again increased mobile gaming security greatly as unless you are in possession of this information you will never be able to access the owners account. Software developers such as Microsoft have various resources regarding Gaming and the age constraints for different age groups, more information on this can be found on the Microsoft Gaming Security Resource for online gaming and additional Cloud based tech news can be sourced on the Citrix page here.

I could go into great detail about the types of encryption used by these developers but I do not feel this would serve any purpose to the average gamer. In summary the mobile gaming industry is now more secure than ever and can only get securer as technologies improve so if you have ever had doubts about how safe you are when playing these games than you should rest at ease. We have not heard of any of these security systems being broken in recent years so with this in mind these excellent systems must be doing exactly what they are required to do.

Other useful resources for Mobile Games can be found on the Official EA Sports Mobile Games website.

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Written by James