The Latest IPAD Games News – Top Ten IPAD and Mobile Games of 2012

The Android and IPAD smart phone devices have fast become one of the world’s most popular mobile devices as it offers a wide variety of services and benefits to users who own the product. In this article we have chosen to review and as many of the most popular games on the market today and we have listed the top ten of these games below for your enjoyment.

The top game on our list is Edge Extended which is a platform based game where you must complete various levels of building projects before you structures fall off the ever moving edge. The game is very addictive and highly entertaining and we are sure it will be a big hit among mobile gamers on tablet devices such as the IPAD.

The second best game of our list is Anomaly Warzone Earth which is another platform based game where players must embark on leading their military forces to victory against the alien hordes. This game is one of the best we have played in its class and is extremely good fun from start to finish. Next on our list is Osmas HD which is physics based puzzle game. The game will test your wits to the max as you attempt to complete various levels in search of the highest score possible. This game has been a huge hit in the puzzle fan genre and we have high hopes for this game all round.

Next is another fantasy based strategy game from Kairosoft Games called Epic Astro Story. The game sees players trying to protect planet Earth from various invaders as you attempt to complete many levels of missions to help your planets defences. Great game all round this and we are sure that you will absolutely love it to say the least. The next game to hit our radar is Inertia Escape Velocity which is an all new and futuristic game that is packed full of fast paced action.

Gamers will be required to participate in a host of intergalactic races where they must defeat some of the best pilots in the galaxy. The games graphics are very good and really do make the game come to life and once you start you will find it very hard to put the game down as it is so much fun.

One of the latest games to go live in 2012 is the New Ipad Casino from Virgin Games, a truly refreshing approach to gaming in general. The new games portal is compatible with all tablet devices as well as a host of other mobile devices. The games arrangement is very easy to use, with all of the main featured games available on the games website. We take our hats off to Virgin Games for creating a games website that offers 100% usability for all known Internet based devices.

Tree Jumper is another great game we just had to mention as it is one of the most popular titles out there of this year. Gamers will be required to help the endangered blue squirrel jump from tree to tree as he tries to avoid being eaten by various nasty animals. Top game for all levels of gamer and it is visually stunning and exceptionally easy to control. Another great game we certainly wished to put on our list is Move the Box Pro which is a chess based puzzle game that requires a great amount of skill to complete. Players will be faced with a wide variety of strategic challenges where they must move boxes from one place to another as fast as they can whilst avoiding the many hazards along the way.

The final game on our list today but by no means the least is Sonic CD. This game sees one of the video games most iconic characters finally land on the Android and this highly anticipated game has been a huge hit with gamers all over the world. The game follows the general sonic games where you must guide your hero through many treacherous levels while all the time collecting as many golden rings as possible. The game uses its all new graphical capabilities to really show of the game and we have to say it was by far one of the most addictive and entertaining games we have played so far on any mobile device.

Written by James