After several weeks of trying to locate a new office, we realised that Finding Serviced Offices in and around London Is a harder task than we anticipated.

Due to an increase in staff numbers over the past two years, we thought we would find a city location that could cater for our business needs, with a view to ensuring we have spare office space to cover future staff increases. This was not as easy as we thought, with costs and locations being the main constraint for our Office shortlist.

Firstly the amount of organisations in the United Kingdom that offer bespoke office finding services Is pretty limited, as they all appear to be sub agents of other property agents. This has caused quite a slow process for our team, as we had to keep on submitting our interests in selected properties, and then wait up to seven days to be informed that the offices in question were no longer available. I fully appreciate that this would be the case for some of the offices, however not all of them, this has highlighted to us that it is not as easy as we all first believed. This factor along with the amount of waiting to be told this, has led us to believe that the websites in question must be sub agents of other agents.

After the second week of looking for the preferred office locations, we thought we would make one final review of another Office Broker, in the hope that we would receive a quicker and more reliable service than the others we had used.

We came across a reputable company called The Office Providers, based in the UK, and also held thousands of properties on there website. After finding the preferred location, we then opted to phone them direct, so as to speed up the process and find out the answers we required the same day.

To our amazement we found that The Office Providers had some great serviced offices to rent and ready to initiate a rental agreement with. All of this was done the same day as we made contact with them. Finding a Business that is this professional and competent has not been an easy task over the past few weeks, so we were very pleased that we found exactly what we needed so quickly. All the information that you need is available on there website, including phone numbers and email addresses.

Click here for more Serviced Offices that are available in the UK

We are due to move into our new Business Offices in the next 30 Days, so we obviously are very impressed with the service and dedication that The Office Providers have given us.

Written by James