The process of Commodity Trading

In the complex entity of commodities trading you will see that many experienced and successful commodity traders always prefer to view the various price activities on any of the many charts that are available to them. Like with many ways of financial analysis charts and so on are essential for the trader to get a full over view of the historical data as well as the recent price movement within the market.

When looking at commodity charts you will always see that they show the latest daily price action as a vertical bar which shows the trader the highs and lows of the day’s market. You will also see the opening prices and closing prices of the days trades depicted on the chart as dots placed around the chart and the chart itself can show traders up to six months worth of price movements. The trader will also at his or her leisure be able to change the time scale of the chart from days to months if they need to and can also show the trader a large amount of historical data from up to twenty years ago.

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The traders have a number of ways to be in possession of price charts which the need for their analysis of the markets they are involved in including using their own on basic graph paper which you may feel is a bit behind the times but is in fact thought of by many as the best and easiest way to view this Historical Data. Traders in general will find that there are two basic ways in which they should decide when and where to take on a futures contract these are fundamental analysis and technical analysis.

Fundamental analysis is the use of current and historical data which relates to the demand and supply of many types of price actions and technical analysis is the sole use of past data available on price action of the market in general which enables the trader to forecast the price actions for the near and long term future. There are of course many differences of opinion when dealing with the merits of both of these approaches but in general most of the worlds successful traders tend to stick to technical analysis. You will hear that technical analysts consistently arguing about their method being the most commercial trading method for their needs when trading within the commodities market. You will also hear that traders believe the most current price trends are by far the most accurate assessments of the future demand of a market and also the supply.

The use of this Analytical Data within the commodities market is the most key and essential piece of research a trader can make and provides them with all the tools they need to do their job successfully and makes them large profits along the way. All of the markets best and most respected speculators always use and learn to use the price action to predict the way any given market will react under many different conditions.

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Written by James